Thank you for having me photograph a special moment in your life. I'm sure you're wondering what now? I explained a few of the main important points after your appointment but I also wanted to make sure you had something to see to help.

  • I love showing you sneak peeks if allowed of course. I usually post them on my Instagram page to tease you a bit. Previews will also be sent to you by text. You are more than welcome to reshare it and show them off.

  • Your photos will take about 2-3 weeks to fully edit. No, it doesn't take 2 weeks to actually edit your photos. I have a few people in front of you which I want to make sure everyone receives their photos in order :D

  • You can check the status of your session HERE.

  • If you ordered prints or if your package comes with prints, it may take up to an extra week to have those come in and sent out to you.

  • Once I am done editing your photos. I will send you a link to the email in which we were corresponding that will show you your final pictures. You can share, download and order extra goodies to get the best from your session through that website.

That's all! If I missed anything please shoot me a text or email <3