Thank you for Booking with me! I know you're excited and I cant wait to meet you! I wanted to make sure you knew what happens next along with some information that can help you prepare for your up coming session with me.



You will hear from me a few days before your session for your final time and location if one wasn't picked already through text. I usually let you know around what time the session will be to help you know to prepare. But the final time will be told to you by text once you hear from me a few days before with all the final information. If for some reason you do not hear from me only the day before your appointment please text me. My number is listed in our emails.


Makeup & Hair

If you would like to schedule a Makeup/Hair appointment, I always suggest to be ready or book within 2-3hours before your session. To make sure youre ready, travel time and any mishaps with other artist, this time frame usually gives you enough time to be ready before your session.



I always suggest trying not to be too matchy matchy. You want each individual to stand out but also look great together. I would be more than happy to help you find your outfits if needed. If for example you don't usually wear dresses, please don't wear one for the day of your session. I want to make sure you look comfortable and relaxed. If you're wearing something you normally wont wear, that's probably not the best idea and most likely it will show in your facial expression. I know us ladies sometimes can be harsh with our own bodies so if you aren't a fan for example of your arms or mid section, make sure your outfit covers those area. Everyone thinks, Oh she can Photoshop that. Please don't make me. Many different factors are needed to take into consideration if I am able to Photoshop something, so please don't assume. Here are a few of my favorite places to shop to help you find the best outfits. Target, Old Navy, Gap, Forever21, H & M, Zara



I don't expect you to come with a list of ideas or poses, actually no one ever has lol. Don't stress over the "I don't know what to do" because I do. I just ask that you come relaxed, open minded to my ideas and of course you can always tell me you don't like a certain pose or look. These are your photos, you will have this to hold and share so opinions are welcomed.